Is this how it works?


I’m relatively new to the world of coding, having started just a week ago. I’ve begun with a Python course and while I believe I’m grasping the individual concepts such as functions, strings, and loops, when I review my code after completing a section, I find myself struggling to fully comprehend how all the components work together.

Is this experience common for beginners?

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You need to learn the pieces before you can use them. You had to learn the alphabet before you learned to spell. You had to learn arithmetic before you learned algebra.


Thank you for putting it into perspective. I appreciate it.
It makes a lot more sense when looking at it that way.

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I would say yes it’s completely normal especially for a week I couldn’t even understand and implement loops then gave up for a month or something turned back and understood but I started with php which was a bit hard for first language I either recommend python or Javascript as a first language which means you are on right path for me and try to start from 0 and set projects and try to them one thing is use of Google in programming let’s say u say my first project a calculator but you don’t know anything about how you can do it so you need to constantly read research there are always gonna be same people faced what I facing with or an answer or a hint to answer. My first project was also a calculator on js html and css and it was looking not too good in style but ugly but functioning perfect and took me 19 days to do it so believe yourself don’t give up that’s actual principe of programming not giving up and reaching there and last tip a program is something that does it’s purpose even though your design may look ugly or not too good as you wish if your backend code functions like a calculator u achieved it.

I think I talked too much tho :joy::wink:


@Aet460 Really liked what you had to say! One question if you don’t mind. I’ve been going through the responsive web design so far and I’m on the cat cafe menu right now. Are there other things I should be doing in the meantime to learn more? I don’t have a whole lot of free time, so I try to do just a little bit each day. I feel like I am learning with just going thru the curriculum, but I have that feeling of maybe I can be doing more.

Try one thing at a time probably I would say but if you are working in design I assume front end I would recommend being proficient with pure Javascript there are more stuff but in short term I don’t want to overwhelm you just focus on css framework bootstrap with html after learning fundementals of pure css and learn Javascript it’s 100% needed later when you will function those buttons or html components but for now html fundementals of pure css and as a extra bootstrap popüler css framework make you write very less css instead using ready css classes they give u and as a bonus last pure Javascript as engine of the car to make functioning of components in html.

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I appreciate the advice, thanks!