Is this normal? I spend hours trying to solve problems during the course and end up relying on the hints from time to time

I seem to keep getting answers from the get a hint section when I have trouble. Dont get me wrong though, I spend hours trying to solve the problem. I cant help notice that i end up doing this. I dont think Its always this convenient in a real job. Googling like crazy is part my of the process but still… the get a hint section makes me feel like im cheating a little bit. Should I be worried?

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What section are you on?

I’ve used the hints a few times, theres some stuff in the advanced algorithms that was so confusing I needed help just to clarify what was being asked of me. I also felt kinda like the hints were like cheating, but I was forced to use em occasionally.

There’s a site called where they give you javascript challenges and you rank up. it uses a belt ranking system like karate. thats a good place to go if you wanna test yourself in different levels of difficulty. I reached blue belt which they call “competent” but stopped there as the problems were getting so complex that it just would take all day to do any higher rank challenge.

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Thanks for the codewars tip! Javascript drives me nuts sometimes, but learning it has made the other languages seem easier to learn. Php for example, seems less difficult to me now.

I havent gotten into other languages yet. I finished the front end cert here on free code camp like last week, then I heard about someone on these forums named P1xt’s guides and started taking the free course “HarvardX: CS50 Introduction to Computer Science” he mentioned. From the 2 videos I’ve watched its looking like there’s a lot of similarities between javascript and other languages, which is a relief.

You’re welcome, If it werent for codewars I probably would have quit, just figuring I didnt understand enough to justify spending so much time on coding. But it showed me that I could get so wrapped up in coding that I’d forget to eat all day trying to make a sudoku solver work.

Good luck with everything.