Issue about try-except in while True

This is my code Paste ofCode
(show only main function)

I’ve build the trading bot and I want it to run in loop if it’s not encounter the error so I use while True and use try-except to handle the error. The problem is when got an error for example : internet connection down, server down the code didn’t got into the except block(I also set delay for reconnect back to the loop) and notice me the error but it stop working instead and I also set the delay like 5 mins before back to loop but got same result. I’m not sure that I put the code properly in while True with try-except.

My expectation is when the bot got some errors it should wait for delay and got back to run again in loop.

All advice would be appreciate.

PS. I run file on cmd.

I cannot explain why it happens, but it seems like you might need to use the except without the Exception.
No idea why, I only remembered the following video which went about bare excepts at time 2:12 and how the interpreter doesn’t actually stop the program, despite catching an error.

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