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Hi there. can anyone give me pointers on how to test my project. There are empty spaces in the 2_functional-tests.js file that needs to filled in. I have no clear idea as to where to start. A few tips would be helpful. Thank you :slight_smile:

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there is a first filled test. copy and change the conditions.
equal or find more at

Thanks for replying. I have tried this:

test('Every field filled in', function(done) {
          issue_title: 'Title',
          issue_text: 'text',
          created_by: 'Functional Test - Every field filled in',
          assigned_to: 'Chai and Mocha',
          status_text: 'In QA'
        .end(function(err, res){
          assert.equal(res.status, 200);

Is it something like this? I’m failing the test though. :slight_smile:

Yes. watch out the unnecessary parts as update_on the test is about filled fields on html site

Thanks. Sorry if I’m asking too much, I tried removing the updated_on, created_on, open and _id. It is still failing.

I send you the demand to join on glitch because I cant see the debbuger

Sure, I have accepted. Thank you :slight_smile:

It look it is problem with the chai itself assert.exists is not a function.
I try defined an it worked

var chai = require('chai');

Like this?


Will try that. Thanks

That weird according test on site the exists working on edge, but even the example
assert(‘foo’ !== ‘bar’, ‘foo is not bar’); not working.
I had idea
assert(Boolean(‘bar’), ‘foo is not bar’);
but something must wrong with chai.

Hmm… noted… Thanks for your help :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I have get on assert github and after hour they say it,s from 4.0 version, so change the depencies “chai”: “^4.0.0”,
and new declarations
const {assert} = require(‘chai’)

Yes, it can now recognise exist. If you don’t mind, can you explain how to do the first test? I’m testing it in but the last 4 tests are failing. :slight_smile: