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I can’t seem to pass the test for getting all issues for a project without filtering. The thing is my code passes the test for getting all filtered issues . I tried removing the filtering implementation and just filter using the project field but it still doesn’t pass. I testing my code locally and the get request works for both filtered and unfiltered.

Does FCC test the routes independently or is there a chance the tests depend on other tests passing as well? I don’t have the PUT route finished yet FYI.

My Get Route:

.get(function (req, res){
      let project = req.params.project;
      // Data filter
      let filter = {
        project: project
      // Check for query filtering
      if(Object.keys(req.query).length > 0) {
        filter = {
          project: project,

      // Find issues for project
      }, (err, data) => {
        if(err) return console.log("Error:\n" + err)
      // Hide unnecessary fields
      }).select({ project: 0, __v: 0 })

Solved: Solution

Turns out I needed to rename the default timestamp fields to “created_on” and “updated_on”

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