Issue with Build a Tribute Page challenge

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So I’ve made a tribute page and 9/10 tests are passing, but I have no idea why the one is failing.

The test which fails is ’ * User Story #6: I should see an element with a corresponding id="tribute-info" , which contains textual content describing the subject of the tribute page.

I have this description with the correct ID on line 22.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Usually in a codepen you don’t include a <head>, <html> or <body> tags in your html editor and the css styles go into your css editor.

By including your title nested in the head tag (and maybe your id=tribute-info on your html tag) I think you confused the testing software.

Try moving those required items to some elements below the <body> tag.

Here is an example

Thanks a lot! That fixed it :smile: