Issue with exercise 86

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There is an issue with exercise no.86.

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// Setup
var myDog = {
"name": "Happy Coder",
"legs": 4,
"tails": 1,
"friends": ["freeCodeCamp Campers"],
"bark": "woof"

// Only change code below this line
delete myDog.tails;

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Challenge: Delete Properties from a JavaScript Object

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Looks like a bug to me.

Yes, I am facing the same problem. Hope they fix the bug soon.

I’m too facing the same problem.

Thank you, for bringing this to our attention. We will get this forwarded to our contributors to fix.

Whilst that is being fixed, feel free to continue with the curriculum.

Thank you for your help.

Is there any way we can have a separate reporting system for bugs like this?

I hope FCC could provide a more systematic mechanism for reporting bugs.

Well, that is a feature that could be discussed over on #contributors. It can definitely be done, it is more a case of how and who.

Thanks for your reply.

@edper The bug was fixed yesterday. We do have a formal way to report bugs on GitHub which is where the bug was reported yesterday.

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Thanks for the informative response.

GOD bless.