Issues building a navbar

So I’m on the portfolio project and I’m having some issues building a navbar. Mainly that there is no bar, it just spits out a column of my navbar header and the list of items I intend to make into the navigation buttons.

Here’s the project page. If someone could take a quick look and maybe help me understand the issue I’d really appreciate it.

Replace your external CSS with this:

You’d also like to read the bootstrap docs about navbars.

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Okay, that’s better but not perfect. Still it actually gives a bar, the rest is down to me to sort.

Cheers for the document link too, I’ll give that a read. One thing I’m wondering is why bootstrap 4 doesn’t produce a navbar. It seems weird that an earlier version does but a current version doesn’t.

Edit: I found a page that gives sample code for a navbar in bootstrap 4. I don’t understand the difference yet so I’m going to have to pick at the code to find out where the actual difference is. Seems to make more sense to stay up to date.

Bootstrap 4 changed a lot in terms of class names/syntax. It is possible to make a navbar in Boostrap 4, as shown here

If you want, you can check out the docs for navbars in bootstrap 4:

Not sure if you’ve fixed this already, but just a heads up: make sure to close your <a> tags, otherwise your links in the navbar won’t align horizontally.

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Ha, nice one. Literally just found the code sample from the beginning of that page. I should be able to figure this all out now, cheers. :slight_smile: