Issues with Missing letters

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I’m having trouble with this challenge. When I run each of the test cases they seem to work but I’m not getting the go ahead to move on to the next challenge. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

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missNum = [];
missLet = [];
isLast = "true";
function fearNotLetter(str) {
  //creates an array of corresponding character codes
  for (i=0; i<str.length; i++) {
  //checks if the next character code is correct
  for (a=0; a<charCodes.length; a++) {
  if (charCodes[a+1] !== charCodes[a]+1 && charCodes[a+1] !== undefined) {
    //pushes the missing code to an array
    // translates missing character code to missing letter
    missLet = String.fromCharCode(missNum[0]);
    isLast = "fasle";
    return missLet;
  // if there is no missing letter returns undefined
  if (isLast !== false) {
    return "undefined";

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Are there any tests that actually fail when they’re all ran (instead of your own testing I mean)? Perhaps the problem is your global variables not being reset between calls?

Otherwise there are sometimes issues requiring a full refresh of the page, but I’d try keeping those variables local in the function first

Edit: also there’s a typo in the string "fasle", and both of those can just be made the boolean true or false instead of strings

capital C

typo error

What do you mean by capital C? fromCharCode is the name of the function!

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sorry my bad :sweat_smile: