It is my tribute page. I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts

Here’s my first project - the tribute page It is about a legendary boxer and a great person Wladimir Klitschko. I was inspired to create this page by the last week’s fight. Although, he hasn’t won he’s and will be among the greatest sportsmen of the world.

I would be happy to hear what you think about my work. I understand that it looks pretty simple, I hope next time I will be able to do something more complicated and more interesting.

Thank you all!!

hey, i think this looks great. some of the images look a little pixelated, but functionally the css is really clean and neat i think. good job with the z-index and scale transforms.

Thanks for your feedback! You are right about the images. I should have payed more attention to them but I was too involved in coding :slight_smile:.