Iterating through and finding values of nested JavaScript objects

How do iterate through the following object and get the value of confirmed?


I want to add the values together. This is what I’ve tried but both ways are undefined:

    for (let i = 0; i < objectSize; i++) {
      sumOfCases = sumOfCases + data[i].All.confirmed;
      sumOfDeaths = sumOfDeaths + data[i].deaths;

There are several different ways you could do this, but here’s an option.

// assuming your object is defined as data

let sumOfCases = 0;
let sumOfDeaths = 0;
Object.values(data).forEach(country => {
  sumOfCases = sumOfCases + country.All.confirmed;
  sumOfDeaths = sumOfDeaths + country.All.deaths;

Here’s a relevant challenge from the curriculum.

Perfect! Thank you @colinthornton !

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