It's hard to understand why this way works but not other way

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I was stuck with this test and I found a code on forum to pass but what I made was having this part

if(source[key] === obj[key]){
return true; } // then
return false;

I didn’t understand why it doesn’t work… Is there somebody who can help my ignorance?
Thank you!

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function whatIsInAName(collection, source) {
var arr = [];
arr = collection.filter(function(obj){
  for(var key in source){
    if(source[key] !== obj[key]){
      return false;
  }return true;
return arr;
//왜 if 에서 source[key]=== obj[key] 를 두고 하면 안될까?.//
whatIsInAName([{ first: "Romeo", last: "Montague" }, { first: "Mercutio", last: null }, { first: "Tybalt", last: "Capulet" }], { last: "Capulet" });
console.log(whatIsInAName([{ first: "Romeo", last: "Montague" }, { first: "Mercutio", last: null }, { first: "Tybalt", last: "Capulet" }], { last: "Capulet" }));

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this will return true if just one is equal, it will not check all of them


I keep forgetting that when I use “if” … gosh.
Thank you for the answer. I will try not to forget this again.
Happy Coding @ieahleen !!