I've finished working on my Javascript Calculator for now, I'd love some feedback

Link to the code on Github

[https://crowsveldt.github.io/FreeCodeCamp-Javascript-Calculator/](http://Link to the Calculator itself)

I would like a code review in particular if anyone is willing to take the time. I think I’ve hit a bit of a dead-end with this implementation. Any solution I can see to fixing the problems would involve adding lots of complicated, speghetti-with-meatballs code.

This leaves me with a great deal of frustration, and is killing my motivate to work on it.

However I know that my frustration and familiarity could be blinding me to an obvious solution, and besides that I would just like to know how people will rate the code as it stands. So, in short: What do you think?

Many, many thanks to anyone who answers.

Known issues:

  • Decimal points aren’t displayed immediately, this is due to an issue with the display code I have ATM. I would work more on fixing this if not for the afore-mentioned frustration issue.

  • Numbers are limited to two digits past the decimal place. This is to prevent issues with rounding errors. I display large numbers with e-notation, and with certain fractional numbers you get enough digits to activate that. So that for example, 0.1 + 0.2 would display 3.000e-14 or something.

  • Despite the above the user can enter more than two digits past the decimal place, which could lead to confusion, and frustration, and general UX badness.