J.A.R.V.I.S: Made personal assistant with Python

Recently, I have made a full working program which is one of the best projects I did till now. Based totally on python here is some info about it…


Python powered AI


  • datetime
  • os
  • pyttsx3
  • wikipedia
  • speech_recognition
  • webbrowser
  • sys
  • smtplib
  • requests
  • json
  • defflib
  • geocoder
  • urllib
  • What it does…

    • Send Gmail messages
    • Dynamic News Reporting at any time
    • Open any website with just a voice command
    • Plays Music
    • Tells time
    • Wikipedia powered AI
    • Dictionary with Intelligent Sensing i.e. auto checking if spell mistake
    • Weather Report such as temp, wind speed, humidity, weather description
    • Latitude and longitude
    • Seaches Youtube, Google, Google Maps

    Future Plans

    Sky is limit. There are immense possibilities in this project. Will be integrating some very powerful commands soon..

    GitHub code