Java Progmming Question

  1. How do you implement multiple branching (more than two) in an if-statement?

  2. Is it possible to crunch in several conditional expressions into one conditional statement?

And can you give any example codes with it? Thank you

This isn’t really a Java forum, but you can still find some answers here - just beware that you may not get a lot of answers.

  1. Java, like (afaik) every modern computer language, allows you to chain and nest if/else structures. Here is a brief explanation, but there are many to be had. There is also the switch statement which does a lot of that.

  2. Sure, like (afaik) every modern coding language, you can combine conditions, like if (a && b).

But this is all pretty basic stuff. I might suggest doing a basic Java course.

I’m sorry my mistake, thanks for your input​:blush::blush::blush: