Javascript Algorithm and Data Certificate not showing up

Okay, I just finished today, and didn’t see it in my profile. I have read through other comments, so I have also done the following already:

  • In my account…
    • my profile is public
    • my certifications are public
    • my timeline is public
  • I already have the responsive web certificate, so I think I accepted the academic honesty with that one
  • I tried signing out and logging back in
  • Tried in both chrome and firefox

Can someone assist? Thank you!


Hey @csimpson502 , what’s the link to your profile?

Also inside your account settings, does the JS algorithm section look like this:

You should be able to click the large button under the last project to view the certificate. If you can, try opening up freecodecamp in an incognito window, sign-in and check your profile again to see if it shows up.

Here is the link to my profile:

I signed in with an incognito window, but still no joy. Here is a screenshot of the profile page:


Thanks for the link, one thing I noticed is that I don’t see the completion of the certification in your timeline. Like this:


Could you send a screenshot of what your “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures” section looks like in your account settings. Does the large button say “Claim Certification” still or “Show Certification”?

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Did you actually claim the certificate?

Well, all of the tasks are completed, but I didn’t get the “Claim Certificate”. Am I missing something here?

It’s on your settings page. This is the same way that you claimed your first certificate.

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Oh…found it…thank you…didn’t realize that it was at the bottom of the account settings page…thanks for the assist…

For others who find this thread…need to scroll all the way down on the account settings page.

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