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Tell us what’s happening: [ test of roman numeral converter not working
i think that got .

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function convertToRoman(num) {

    let tabRomain = ["M","CM","D","CD","C","XC","L","XL","X","IX","V","IV","I"];    
    let arabicNumerals = [1000,900,500,400,100,90,50,40,10,9,5,4,1];
    var romainNumber = "";
    var acc = 0;
    while (num !== 0 && 
        arabicNumerals.indexOf(num) === -1) {
        var FlorDIv = -1;
        if ((num % arabicNumerals[acc]) !== num) {
            florDiv = Math.floor((num / arabicNumerals[acc]));
            while (florDiv > 0) {
                romainNumber = romainNumber+tabRomain[acc];
                florDiv -= 1;
            num = num % arabicNumerals[acc];
        if (num>1&&num<4) {
            romainNumber = romainNumber.padEnd(romainNumber.length+num, "I");
            num = 0;
        acc +=1;
    if (arabicNumerals.indexOf(num) !== -1) {
        romainNumber += tabRomain[arabicNumerals.indexOf(num)];
    return (romainNumber);

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Challenge: JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects - Roman Numeral Converter

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I got the right responses with "console.log (romainNumber)"in the place of “return (romainNumber)”.
could someone explain me why the return statement doesn’t work ? thank you.

JavaScript is case sensitive.
You have a var FlorDIv but you are using florDiv in the rest of the code.
Also, why use var here instead of let?

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ok thankyou.
I used a var instead of let because florDiv can change

Please read this article as I think you should use let instead of var.

< Difference between var and let in JavaScript - GeeksforGeeks>

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