(Javascript) Beginner Question: Why isn't my function putting the correct values into this array?

I’ve written a function to iterate through values up to a number you pass along as an argument and then put all of the prime numbers below that number into an array.


function showPrimes(max) {
let numbers = [];

for (let i = 2; i < max; i++){
    let isPrime = true;
    for (let testno = 2; testno < i; testno++){
        if (i % testno === 0) isPrime = false;
    if (isPrime = true)numbers.push(i);
return numbers;

I’m currently logging isPrime and each value of i to the console, and it is correctly identifying which numbers are and are not prime but, regardless, -all- values of i are getting put into the array ‘numbers’. I do not know why, but the "if(isPrime === true)"condition simply is not working. The array always returns with all possible values of i regardless of whether isPrime === true.

Annnnd… I think I just saw my mistake.

You know, sometimes all it takes is having to type it out a second time. It should be isPrime === true, not isPrime = true, so it was actually setting isPrime to true… and then inserting it into the array.

So… I answered my own question, but not before posting it unfortunately.

this doesn’t appear in your function

you have instead

is that what you want?