JavaScript Calculator issue on user story 11

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I had a failed user story which is:

When the decimal element is clicked, a “.” should append to the currently displayed value; two “.” in one number should not be accepted.

An input of “5 . 5 . 5” should display 5.55 : expected ‘5.5.5’ to equal ‘5.55’

So I need to convert 5.5.5 to 5.55.
I need help to do that.
Any Help or tips?

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Challenge: Build a JavaScript Calculator

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hey abdulrahman.mhd.anas,

I think you misunderstood the error message of the test a bit.

A number containing two “.” signs should not be accepted.

So if the user types in “5.5.5”, you should not accept the input instead of changing it to “5.55”.


But I want help how to do that in real code?

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