Javascript Calculator not passing 13 and 14

I’m having a hard time passing 13 and 14…
even though my calculator completes the required calculations, the grading mechanism is telling me that my calculation object which contains my each calc fucntion (operators) is not a functions… that is correct it’s an object that calls functions?
This is my code:

I noticed a couple of issues.

  1. After pressing = and starting a new number, this number is added to the display. E.g.,
1 + 2 = 4  //display should be 4 but 34 is displayed
  1. Entering multiple operators in sequence hangs up the calculator. E.g.,
5 + - - - - 9

If you have any error, you can’t trust the error message is really pinpointing the problem, so I would fix any known error first.

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