Javascript Calculator not working on Internet Explorer,UC browser,Dolphin Browsers

hello there.i just completed creating a ‘java script calculator’ that was one of the Freecodecamp’s advanced front end project.

the link is

The calculator works perfectly on Goole Chrome but when i open it in any other broswer,nothing happens on clicking the buttons…please look into the issue…
any help would be highly appreciated…

well apparently you use a method that doesn’t exist:


to do something like that you need to add jquery and to use it like $("#myDiv").append(y)
the bare js has the method appendChild() i think it works about like jquery append(), probably chrome still understands what you want but the other browsers don’t since it’s a violation of the standards

you could just use the js console in ie (f12) and it would tell you the line which creates the problem

well thanks for your help:smiley:…that means i’ll have to change a lot of my code now:tired_face: