Javascript calculator project help

Hey i need help with my javascript calculator project. I did most of the test but its not passing any of them at all is there something Im doing wrong?
Here is the length to my project:

It appears that you have a Javascript error in your code. Check the spelling for your “click handler” function :slight_smile:

fix it its working now thank you

one more question when i click the calculator buttons the numbers are not showing up.

There’s an issue with yout if statement

        let currentNumber = this.state.currentNumber
        currentNumber += buttonName
     }else {
       currentNumber = buttonName

if you reach the else case, currentNumber is undefined and will throw an error, since the variable initialisation/definition is scoped in the if block.

Finally, mind the rendering of your component.
<Application /> is renderring a <screen /> tag, but be aware that your react.element is <Screen />.

Hope this helps :smile:

Im confused so do i need to remove the if statement?

It looks like you figured it out and getting close to the end when I opened your Pen. Good work!