JavaScript Calculator (user storie nine)

Hi, I’ve been trying to know for a while because I can’t pass this point, the revision algorithm looks for the sum 3 + 5 * 6 - 2/4 = 32.5 or 11.5
using the following command: "

ee([r,"add",a,i,"six",l,t,u,"four",h]),Object(o.assert)("32.5"===re(document.getElementById("display"))||"11.5"===re(document.getElementById("display")),"The expression 3 + 5 * 6 - 2 / 4 should produce 32.5 or 11.5 as an\n          answer, depending on the logic your calculator uses\n          (formula vs. immediate execution) "),p(),ee([a,l,n,"add",a,h]),Object(o.assert)("1"===re(document.getElementById("display")),"The expression 5 - 9 + 5 should produce a result of 1 ")

I think that when the calculator does the calculation, I think it takes the “display” identifier and then sees what is inside, to compare with the results.
This is where it seems to give different results, therefore I did not pass the test

", but when I check my document (on line 54 of the js editor), I have what it takes, Help please :frowning: I think if I pass this point, I can pass all the missing ones

This is my Pen
(I cant open with mozilla, you should open with Chrome)


If someone can give me just a little clue, I would greatly appreciate it.

I´I just solved it, what happens is that I used the Async / Await functions, therefore, when I pressed the = button, the operation was instantly executed, but with these functions, I had to wait for the SetState to finish its execution, without However, the CDN Bundle erased that data and continued analyzing the following steps, therefore before the setstate runs and shows 32.5, it was already deleted and a 0 was analyzed giving error …