Javascript Calculator

I built a calculator program using the freecodecamp specifications here.

It correctly fulfills every user story, but the test bundle won’t pass me.
Should I mark the exercise as completed and move on or continue to work on it to get all the tests to pass?

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If you are content and happy with the final result pass the test and move on.
Don’t waste your time on some silly fcc project tests if you get the point of the app.
My point is, your journey is a long one, quicker you move the faster you get where you want. :blush:


  • Haha this was mine, curious if is passing any tests.
    I’ve done this one years ago, Last saved OVER 5 YEARS AGO and most of the functionality was stolen from some other guy.
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If you’re failing the automated tests, then you most likely have not met the exact requirements of the user stories. If you post a link to your CodePen, someone can have a look and see what’s wrong.

I actually realized that the answers are correct, but they wanted them in a different spot than the one I put them.

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I managed to get all the tests to pass, thanks!

You are also right But check my link

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