Hello Dear Members,

yet I am stick with basic javascript challenges and it is going good I am enjoying it. Can anybody tell me how to practice in more sufficient manner. I am using to practice my code but my FCC code is not working on codepen JS console. Please tell me how to do it.


I found it easier to use for running the practice JS scripts

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What challenge and what is your Codepen link? Without those, we can not help you figure out why it is “not working”.

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Yeah I have checked it out its good. But, when I am writing wrong code it always gives error of undefined.

Can I attach screen shot here ?

Sorry @Owais93, I misunderstood. I thought you were saying you couldn’t get your JS running in codepen, that’s why I offered the alternative.

Just post a link to your code pen and post a link to the challenge.

Thank you Roma for your suggestion. I was writing code on wrong console the black one, then by getting just use to it found that we have to write code on white console then click on run button it will display your output on black screen.