Javascript Date and Time Help

I’m on the current weather project and am trying to incorporate the sunrise and sunset times. The jQuery request gives you this format for the time, 1479212760. After looking around I found out how to convert that into “Tue Nov 15 2016 19:01:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time),” which isn’t the correct time for the sunrise. Also, it is impossible to find a straight forward way to get just the hours and minutes from that format with JavaScript. Here is the code I’m trying to use, any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

/*Retreiving the OpenWeatherMap date from the jQuery request and converting it into standard long format.*/
  var sunriseDate = Date(value.sys.sunrise);
  /*Getting the hours from the date value*/
  var sunriseHour = sunriseDate.getHour();
  /*Getting the minutes from the date value*/
  var sunriseMinutes = sunriseDate.getMinutes();
  /*Creating the full correct formatted time for sunrise in order to be used later*/
  var sunrise = String(sunriseHour) + ":" + String(sunriseMinutes) + " AM";

Try toLocaleTimeString()

It almost works! It is giving me a time, but it is coming up as 9:54 AM and 9:55 PM instead of 7:25 AM and 5:29 PM where I am. Any thoughts? Here’s a link to it, Also, I know the temperature function doesn’t fully work yet. Thanks.

There we go! Thank you so much!