Javascript Difference Between object and Object

Hi, iam looking to understand difference between object (o) with lowercase and Object (O) with upper case.

`function Bird(){“sweety”;
var object=new Bird();

output 1-ƒ Object() { [native code] }
output 2- Bird {name: “sweety”}`

what is output 1???

Object is a data type. While in your case object is an instance of the constructor function, without storing the reference of new Bird in the variable object, object is nothing in JavaScript.

Object() refers to the Object class constructor.

So Object is a class that exist in JavaScript, while object was a variable you defined.

You can test it by opening the browser console and typing

// Error: object is not defined

On the other hand if you type


// function Object()

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

@samolex @Marmiz thanks…
this help quite a bit