Javascript Dragon game step 56 submission error

Hi Devs!
I hope you’re all well.
I know my code is correct for step 56, but when i click submit it will not display any messages correct or incorrect and not move on to the next step.
I’ve tried the following to trouble shoot: cleared browser data, logged in with another browser, reset lesson countless times but sadly this did not solve my problem.

Please post your code and a link to the Step. Thanks

TASK: Step 56

Create another property in your object called button functions. Give this property an array containing the three functions assigned to the onclick properties in the goTown function. Remember that these functions are variables, not strings, and should not be wrapped in quotes.

CODE:const locations = [
name: “town square”,
“button text”: [“Go to store”, “Go to cave”, “Fight dragon”]
“button functions”: [goStore, goCave, fightDragon]

commas are important in objects, make sure you have all the commas you need

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It’s more about not allowing me to submit or even saying try again or correct. No messages are being generated.

Right, because your syntax errors are too serious

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i missed a comma. Thank you. I did expect it to give me an error message at-least thoughl.

in the console there was an error message