Javascript error : Uncaught Reference Error . This is my website
The website have some javascript errors . For some reason the console show " Uncaught ReferenceError: c is not defined " . Can someone explain what does it mean and give me some tips to solve this problem .


The error seems to be coming from your scripts.js. What are these scripts for, and where are they from?

More specifically, this function is causing the error

// Function to ping servers
		    from: 0,
		    to: c

What servers are you pinging, and what for?

I am trying to show how many users are online in this site . When you click the logo in the middle it opens a pop up box and at the bottom of the pop up box i want to show how many are online. Right now it shows loading status but not how many are online .

As @lucassorenson mentions, the code above is causing the error. You have not defined what c is in the function above.

I notice you have several $(function() { {) sections of code. You should really only have one for the entire page, because they are completely isolated from each other. You can not share variables or data between them. .
The particle js loads first time in chrome , but when i reload it again it no longer works . Can someone explain the reason behind it and give me suggestions on how to fix the issue

You have the same error as I told you above. You need to resolve this issue.