[Javascript - Factorialize a Number] Value from param is not a number?

As I want to use the value num from the function’s paramater as a limit in my for loop, the console.log says that my loop is becoming infinite when I write

 for(i = 1; i <= num; i++) {

On the other had, if I hardcoe the number 5 in i <= 5; the loop works fine. This leads me to think num isn’t a valid number. Still console.log(num); does output the number 5. And console.log(Number(num)); also. Confusing…

Can you post a screenshot of the code?

Are you changing the value of ‘num’ inside the loop?

Here is the code:

function factorialize(num) { console.log(num); for (var i = 1; i <= num; i++) { console.log("num before calc: " + num); num *= num - 1; } return num; } factorialize(5);

… And yes, now I get it. I need to protect ‘num’ from the calculation if I want to use it as an evaluation. Otherwise the condition keeps changing and keeps on fueling the loop.


Yes, don’t change value of num.
You need another variable, to keep track of the product.
and initialize this variable to 1, otherwise if it’s initialized to 0 (zero), then your final answer will always be 0.

Got it working now :smiley: