Javascript help - if statement not executing

Can any one help me with this code. I am having trouble understanding why my else statement is not executing?

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I suggest to create a new topic.

try to do console.log(word[0] === "s" || "S") and see what is printed

Try to write it like that

if(word[0] ===“s” || word[0] ===“S”)

Why does it show like this?


a split topic can do weird things for notifications, you can manually change the notification settings

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Got it! I think the problem that you have is in the If expression, there is
word[0] === "s" || "S",
and that’s true, you know why? Simply because it is like saying :
if word[0] === "s" or "S" and "S" evaluates to true, in summary it’s like saying: word[0] === "s" || true, understood?
that’s why it does execute the return true line.