Javascript makes me a math-guy (factorialize a number)

Just a small message from me to share my frustration. I’m a text-guy and I hardly know any math. So I’m doing this javasciript mission where you have to factorialize a number. Busy for about 2 hours and nothing seems to work. While I should get some high numbers. Sum is 1 times 2 times 3 times 4 times 5 (sum=12345)

After 1,5 hours I look for help on the net and find out I’ve been using a 0 two times in my script. But 01234*5 is still zero :slight_smile:.

Guess some stuff you have to learn the hard way. Of course I know 0 * 5 is still 0. But I’ll never forget this lesson. And I hope you guys have similar great learnings too.

[off to the next challenge]

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What’s important here is that you have learned something. 0 is something to be careful of! You’ll probably find out if/when you do a challenge involving divisions. :slight_smile: