Javascript not firing

my java was working fine, but then I made some changes to the nav bar and now its not working. it’s the menu for my <576px media query. fairly simple stuff, I just can’t find the issue. any help would be most appreciated.

EDIT: All solved! Thanks to anyone that took at look!

I haven’t completely solved the problem yet (and I think there are several things contributing to the problem) but I can see that you have display: none applied to the <li> elements in the mobile menu and you are toggling the “show” class on the <ul> element. To resolve all the issues, I think you are going to need to use a class to hide/show the ul element instead of using display:none for the ul tag to hide it until the icon is clicked.

thanks so much for looking at this! it’s been giving me headaches.

if you want to see where I got my code/idea from, you can check out this video:
if you skip to 24:00 that is around the step of the process I am on.

I’ll continue to try to figure this out as well :slight_smile:

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I think I’m onto something. If you change the width of the #logo in the css in the <576px query it fires. Might just be a matter of doing absolute positioning with that element instead.

scratch that. used z-index instead. now I just need to figure out some formatting issues.

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