JavaScript object prototypes

I have just finished the third You Don’t Know JS book titled this & Object Prototypes, and damn that’s too much theory. I now understand a lot of stuff about JS better, but this whole prototype thing was too confusing for me. I understand it on a very basic level, but I still don’t get how, where, and why I should use it.

Anyone else struggling to understand it? Does anyone have any tips how I can get myself to understand it better?

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The problem with prototypes is that they don’t seem useful to a novice until he/she starts coding something really complicated. What i did was just creating some objects in console and playing with them, giving them some functions and properties and checking out how the whole thing works in practice.

I am currently reading chapter 5 prototypes… And I think I better skip 5 and 6 altogether and come back to it at a later time. before chapter 5 the whole series of books are challenging for me but definitely doable. Now I feel like hitting against a wall.

Maybe take a break and then read through the chapter again. It’s like a regular book, you’ll notice a bunch of other things the second time around. I just finished that book and I am giving it another read through. The material is definitely dense so I definitely understand the mental fatigue.