Javascript PigLatin, why doesn't my code work with "glove"?

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Hi there, I was wondering why my code doesn’t work with the word “glove”.
I tried checking with console.log and found out that while the regex is correctly recognized (“gl”), its length is 1 instead of 2, so instead of having “oveglay” I end up with “loveglay”, without trimming the first “l”, but correctly adding “glay” at the end of the word.

Why is this happening?

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function translatePigLatin(str) {
  //checks if words start with consonants or vowels and stores the value
  let regexcons = str.match(/^[^aeiou]+/);
  let regexvow = str.match(/^[aeiou]+/);
  //pigLatin with consonants
  if (regexcons !== null){

    let pigged = str.slice(regexcons.length);
    return pigged + regexcons + "ay";
  else {

    //pigLatin with vowels
    if (regexvow !== null){
    return str + "way"


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Intermediate Algorithm Scripting - Pig Latin

Are you sure, you are checking the length of matched string?


Oh my god!
Thank you so much, I just edited into regexcons[0].length and it worked like a charm.

I guess I have to familiarize a lot more with these functions and what they return!


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