JavaScript problem in calculating floating point numbers

I made a code for Cash Register challenge but it doesn’t work for one of tests. After debugging I realized it’s due to the popular problem of computing floating point numbers. Is there any way to guarantee the outcome. I tried to use .toFixed() and the algorithm works for the mentioned test but spoils the outcome for another test;

Personally, I prefer to convert the entire cash register to an integer number of cents.

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Thank you that’s clever. So I need to divide the change value by 0.01 . But to make it sure, 0.01 is floating point too, is there any possibility for division of a number by 0.01 to give wrong result? Especially because I read this problem is due to computers’ inability to store 0.1.

And do you know any workaround to guarantee the result of calculation?

I multiply by 100, do the calculations on the drawer, then divide by 100. You will need to round after multiplying to get an integer though.

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Yea, both the change and the drawer need to be converted into cents. You don’t do the division until the very end.

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