Javascript Resources to use along with FCC?

So I am currently working on the Javascript modules on the FCC Front End Developer Certificate. What resources would you recommend to work along side by side with the FCC track?

I used Codecademy to get another angle on some of the lessons. Even though they cover the same material, some ways of explaining will resonate better with one person than another. I didn’t use Code school but it’s another iteration on the same thing.

The JavaScript documentation at MDN is invaluable and I still use it as a reference all the time. But when I was starting out, I found the way that W3schools explained the same thing sometimes clicked better with my brain.

Stackoverflow contains a lot of knowledge and just about any question you can think of asking someone probably already asked it there. But when I was first starting out, I found it to be either dense and more confusing than helpful, or too helpful to the point that it just gave me the answer, so I didn’t learn it as well as if I’d had to work it out.

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