Javascript returning undefined in console

Good day everyone. I just started the javascript course on FCC so decided to try some personal practice as i go through the course. However, my very first function has been returning undefined in the console. Please can anyone assist with reason behind this.
Below is my code. Thank you.IMG_20201202_102919|536x499

hii may be this code can help you

function evendetect(num){
     if(num % 2 == 0){

Hi @twikista. Welcome to the FCC community. If you want to ask a question, Copy and paste your code here instead of adding a link to an image. You can do it as follows:

You are getting undefined because = is not a comparison operator. You should instead use == or === for comparison.

Hi @GodfatherOPP. Welcome to FCC. I have edited your post. Check my response above on how to enter a block of code on the forum for readability.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Will keep learning learning how to use the forum.

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Thank you very much. Solved.

Thank you so much. Solved.