Javascript vs react

You still do a lot of JS in React. React is JS. And you have to do a lot of it (as opposed to Angular, which and Angular friend of mine described as a “framework for people who suck at JavaScript”).

In React, you are 100% doing JS. All React is really doing is handling the DOM manipulation and passing some variables around. But everything else is 100% JS. I can’t think of any aspect of JS (other than DOM manipulation) that I don’t use because I’m doing React.

i might want to go into software engineering and c++ will open the path for that.

Well, in the broader sense, web dev is software engineering, just a specific category. True, some people say you might need an engineering degree to be called an “engineer”, but “software engineer” has been my title at my last two jobs.

Yeah, if you mean you want to go get a degree in CS, then yeah, something like C++ might be good. But they also might also be based around C, Java, Python, or any of half a dozen others. Don’t get me wrong - there’s nothing wrong with learning C++. But don’t assume that it is used in every school. I would probably be pretty easy to ask around the schools in your area.

thanks alot for the info. i been watching john smilga’s beginner react tutorial and your right alot of it is still JS. i like the way he explains things . i notice some of the stuff i missed during the curriculum.

well you dont need an engineeering degree to be a software engineer. i think in the old days that once was true but not the case anymore. yet in coincidence many computer engineering graduates wind up being software engineers because they wind up being good programmers in that curriculum.

and at this point i dont plan on going back to school. they teach mostly theory as opposed to work related stuff. i had enough of the theory stuff already, which im fine without learning any more of it . right now i love to wind up doing what you are doing . making a living as a coder.

your right alot of it is still JS

I disagree - it is entirely JS. All of React is built on JS and you use JS to use it. Again, afaik, there is no JS that we don’t use, other than DOM manipulation.

What part of JS do you think we are not doing when we use React?

well you dont need an engineeering degree to be a software engineer. i think in the old days that once was true but not the case anymore.

It’s a matter of semantics. An engineering school, they would say you need to have an engineering degree to call yourself an engineer. If you want to get certain qualifications from some engineering group, you might need that degree. But you can also define it by function - do you do engineering work. They used to be called “house engineers”, people that were referred to as engineers within the company (or “in house”) as engineers.

I’m not trying to put down getting a degree - if I was younger I probably would.

and at this point i dont plan on going back to school. they teach mostly theory as opposed to work related stuff. i had enough of the theory stuff already, which im fine without learning any more of it

If you don’t want to go to the university, that’s fine. But that “theory” is very important for some jobs. That “theory” is very important for building the tools and environments in which you will work. It isn’t a bunch of eggheads teaching theoretical nonsense that has no application in the real world - it is very important stuff with very important applications. If you don’t want to work on things on that level, that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t “sour grapes” it as if they are teaching something less valuable.

right now i love to wind up doing what you are doing . making a living as a coder.

Is that what I am? I don’t know. I think of myself as a developer, my job calls me a software engineer, my wife calls me a programmer (because no one knows what a dev is), and I often refer to what I do as coding. All these things used to have differences in meaning but I’m not aware that those hold up for most people anymore. “coder” for example use to be the bottom of the totem pole, the least skilled. But I don’t think the distinctions are as firm as they once were.

ok i stand to be corrected. your right it is all JS , maybe not not when you pass a function or class as a component though. which took me a while to understand the point of that.

oh im not condemning the theory at all. i’m greatful of all the theory i learned in school. i was just saying i want to learn to know how to put the theory to work. and thats why i’m here. see in academics they teach moreof the theory and you are expected learn the practical stuff on your own.

my bad, i always though coders, developers, programmers, software engineers, codemonkey all mean the same thing.

No, that’s JSX at that point., but that’s replacing HTML, if anything, not JS. Everything else is JS. You cannot be a good React developer without being a good JS developer - period. Disabuse yourself of that notion - React is not preventing anyone from learning JS.

And with React you still have to do all the same exact JS you’d have to do in a vanilla app - all of it. The only JS you won’t learn is DOM manipulation. But fewer and fewer people do that anyway. And a good coder could master that in a few days anyway, if they had to.

It’s definitely not a coincidence. People who get a degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering are doing so specifically to work as software or hardware engineers. Software developers do not all come from Computer Science degrees, but Computer Science graduates are mostly software developers.

Going back to university can be a great option for some and completely unattainable ineffective for others. freeCodeCamp is designed to be accessible to people without a degree.

This, however, just isn’t true. While a CS degree does cover a lot of core concepts which can be language agnostic, the most “theoretical” coursework would be…the math classes I guess? A degree isn’t designed around getting you into a job as efficiently as possible, but a lot of it is deeply relevant to working as a developer.


sorry i didnt mean to word it like that at all. i mean i got a degree into electrical engineering. now i learned alot of math physics , pretty much a math minor since i took so many math. and many of the engineering courses are very mathematical and physics based. many of our core courses teach us in theory whow circuits are designed and work together. or more complex topics of how signals transfer from one medium to another for example a cellular or sattelite network. that being said we get thrown alot of the theory and the mechanics of it in homework assignments and tested our knowledge of it through exams . and then we also have labs where we use equipments to build circuits to put our theory to practical use. what i was trying to say was. the mandatory labs are not enough to put your knowledge into being able to work with it or apply it, you need to do your own projects with it also or having a parttime job in your engineering related field is better. and the rest try to fill in the gaps by getting an internship. well thats where i messed up , i went there just thinking turning in your homework in time and passing the exams and graduating was just to get u into the door. i found out later on with the rude awakening that that wasnt the case.

so thats what i meant to say. that the theory will help you with work related stuff. it helps alot with problem solving and because you have internal knowledge how the system works, but u neeed to go the extray way in order to be able to apply it in a real world practical use. for example figuring out where to place the capacitors and inductors is miuch different than writing down on paper on on how to get the signal power of a reciever output. which is what they do is build and design a networks of circuit components to get the output desired .

i must been to young and naive that time, or maybe i chose the wrong field because when it came to the few programmming classes i had to take, i really went all out in those. i enjoyed it instead of took it as an assignment. i do want to maybe go back for a masters in computer engineering but i think i am too old in mylife at 48. at this time i want to do FCC and just get my life in order since i already have a degree to put on my resume even though its a bit old and dated.

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All totally valid! I just felt compelled to comment because there is often a discourse that revolves around “A CS/CE degree is bad actually because it doesn’t teach you relevant skills” and I want to assure young’uns that while a university degree may not be the right choice for someone it’s not a bad choice in general. :smiley:

If you’re concerned that people will tell you to “just go back to school”, you definitely won’t have to worry about that in this community.

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oh all truth in that. i dont regreat university at all. it made me the critical thinker i am now. i probably wouldnt even consider FCC if i didnt have my degree because i be in an entire different mindset, i needed the university to mature.

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oh and to add to that again. there is a division of people think university is a waste of time and people think that FCC is a scam. well i think it all comes down to what u put into it. i wish i was able to go back in time and do things diffeently for my education. because your investing alot of money and might as well utlized all of the resources athats available to you that others dont have access too. maximize using professors officer hours. using the unlimited library resources and tutoring. the people that say a cs degree is a waste of time are the same people who party on weekends and expect there hand held the rest of the way. the samet type think FCC is a scam. they copy solutions and use youtubers for the certification assignments and expect to get a job. that doesnt work . in that case it is a scam. they scammed themselves out of a good opportunity.

i for the other hand think having both credientials is the perfect world. if FCC was around when i went to school i would of utilized both. i wished FCC was around to help me back then.

Don’t worry, we happily refund the tuition of anyone that thinks they’ve been scammed. :wink:

hahahah you actually through me offf there because there is no tuition in FCC . but i got the punchline now. that was funny :slight_smile:

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