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My code works very well for the other arguments apart from the one provided below. i want to make it work. please help

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function dropElements(arr, func) {
var array=[];
return arr.slice(arr.indexOf(array[0][0]), arr.length)

console.log(dropElements([1, 2, 3], function(n) {return n > 3; }));
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Challenge: Drop it

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If none of the elements are true for the specified function, you should be returning an empty array. So, when your filter returns an empty array, you should just return [].

Why push the result of the filter into an array instead of just a normal variable?

There’s an array method that will find the first element that matches some condition, by the way.

I used an if… else statement and it didn’t work

it won’t affect the outcome, will it?

Probably not, but it makes it much harder to read and debug your logic.

function addTwo(a, b) {
  return a + b;

function addTwoComplex(a, b) {
  let values = [[a], [b]];
  return values.reduce((sum, val) => val[0] + sum, 0);

Both of these functions add together a and b. The second is unnecessarily complex and hard to reason about.

i understand. infact the if…else syatement that refused to work, worked perfectly when i removed the push() syntax.

thank you everyone, this is how my code look like and it works. every contribution help.

function dropElements(arr, func) {
  var array = arr.filter(func);
  if (array == 0) { // what happens if you use !array here instead of array == 0?
    return []
  } else {
    return arr.slice(arr.indexOf(array[0]), arr.length)

Nice work! I added one small comment for you to consider.

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It works fine. Thank you @JeremyLT

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