JS reverse string and remove vowels

I can do either reverse a string or remove vowels, but I have been stuck for a day trying to figure out how to combine them into one function. I know it has to be easy, but my brain is blocking my progress here.
Any assistance would be appreciated!

var strings = ["bongo drums", "guitar", "flute", "double bass", "xylophone", "piano"];

strings = strings.map(function (string) {
    return string.replace(/[aeiou]/g, '');


function reverse(s) {
    let i = s.length,
        o = '';
    while (i > 0) {
        o += s.substring(i - 1, i);
    return o;


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Answer to your question:
Inside the map callback function, just call the reverse function on the results of the string.replace(/[aeiou]/g, ‘’) before returning.

Thanks for the info on the back tick for posting code block
Also thank you for pointing me n the right direction with reverse function.

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