Just a conversational thread about JavaScript

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Omgoodness! I hate JS too! You are not alone :slightly_smiling_face:

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we could be great friends then :grinning:

As much as you hate it, JS is still a really powerful tool. Yes, it is really hard to understand, but THATS the point of coding. It’s hard, and it pays well. JavaScript is one of many C based languages. That means it actually uses C based syntax. It has similar syntax to C, C#, C++, and many more. So basically, learning JS is like the foundation of something bigger in the industry. I too don’t really like JS that much, but its literally the building blocks for learning other ends of the programming languages. JS’s core mechanics will help you A LOT, for learning other big programming languages


Absolutely! :grin::slightly_smiling_face:

JS isn’t my favorite, but it’s pretty popular in WebDev if that’s the direction you want to go. The core lessons are important for any language though, so you can transfer your learning of core programming ideas to C, Python, CUDA, Fortran, or whatever else you want.


I am going to go through with JS. Because it is hard doesn’t mean I am scared off! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s worth Learning JS because check this scenario. You want to do something with your website, but you don’t want to pay a lot of money to do it, so you take your time to learn HTML, CSS and JS. It took you a long time to learn JS, you might even gave up and just paid someone who wants to take the job. Then you want to do something using Python, all you do is lookup some Python tutorial, then you can just learn it in days. What I’m telling here is that all of that difficulty will pay off.


Hey kid teacher! good to see you around

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:+1: You totally nailed it!

I can manipulate an array with one line in Python or Ruby while in JS its a real mess. That the point bro. Because I want to feel my self comfortable in my future job, it is a must to know what you like and what you don’t, it is good to know JS and actually I finished JS FCC certif but I am not gonna adopt it as a job. There is lots of back-end dev with data analysis integration with Python and Ruby-on-rails jobs, so I am gonna follow the path where I am sure I will reach highest point. Also Python offers Machine Learning opportunities. Google use Python for machine learning and data science, also for back-end dev because is the most secure back-end language, as ruby do.

In my point of view, JS still existed because it was Netscape property and owned later by Microsoft and now by Facebook .
We all admit the power of Python, why it was not adopted for web dev? I am pretty sure because no big tech company was behind it.
I suppose Google gonna tackle JS soon, just matter of time :wink:

For Machine Learning, Python is good and improving, but I’d really recommend C/C++ and CUDA.

Why not Python for AI?

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I quite agree with you, Back-end programming is easier than front-end programming at most times. JS is not really owned by anyone, it was first born in NetScape and it was THE thing back then. Then NetScape went away, but before that, they created another company that we all know today called Mozilla. They are the team that has been updating JS, giving as new ECMA updates every year. That’s why MDN is always the resource to go about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, because they were basically the ones that adopted it. JavaScript is just ECMA Script implemented in it. You probably heard of ES6, ES7, ES8, etc… Today the newest one is ES10 or ES2019. That’s what JavaScript is built on.


Python will work, but all of the Python libraries are calling C/C++ and CUDA under the covers.

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So are you just saying JS the best? Which one is the best? :thinking:

JS is the current best front-end dev for its fast rendering.

JS is the best for Front-end rendering, but not in data manipulation, because JS is one of the language that is actually not optimized for it. That’s why we have Python, C#, C++, and other languages.

You pick the language based on what you want to make.

If I learn JS, it’s like the cornerstone to learning the other languages if I need to, right?

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