Javascript too hard?

Hello, I enjoy learning HTML and CSS, however, I’m still a beginner. I got to the tribute page, which I never completed nor the Survey Form. They were essentially holding my hand and I never really understood any of it. I took a break because of school and until recently I came back and wanted to put my full attention to it. I found that the FreeCodeCamp YouTube had good tutorials which made me understand HTML and CSS a lot more, and now I can make the survey form. I just wanna keep learning more, but as soon as I see JavaScript I get stressed. HTML and CSS are not programming languages and JavaScript looks very complicated. I heard stories of people who had it easy on the web development course but struggled tremendously on the JavaScript course. I’m afraid that could be me, to spend all that time finishing the web development course and giving myself that false hope that this was my future just to quit. Even if I can do javascript what happens if I don’t enjoy it? I’ll never know unless I finish the web development course which will take me a long time and just to hurt myself in the end that this wasn’t for me. I know you can learn anything if you try hard enough, but I’m not sure the same could be said with JavaScript. I constantly see people on the forums using all these terms and have such advanced explanations for simple problems. I was never the smart one and Covid really messed me up. The thought of putting together something from scratch does sound fun to me and HTML and CSS seem fine to me, but again those aren’t programming languages. I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. The roadmap is also insane and extremely complicated, I’m not trying to get a job either. I mainly want to have a decent understanding of Web Development to see if this is something I want to commit to for the rest of my life. It seems like it considering I’m not very interested in much else. I have 10 months until I graduate hs + the summer break, so 1 year. I have 3 hours to learn web dev every day no problem. I just feel bad giving myself false hope if this doesn’t work out for me. I just wanna see what you guys think, I’ve never tried JavaScript but it looks very difficult, I’m aware that is with everything that is new, but that is with the very basic Javascript, the start of the course. Then some people talk about how they know like 10 different programming languages and they still consider themselves a beginner. Here is an example of someone else’s story.

Oh look, that’s me! Wow I really didn’t like myself much then, me insulting myself is pretty awkward to read back on! Fortunately I got over that and started being nicer to myself (tip, be nice to yourself it makes coding easier if you’re not your own worst enemy.)

Javascript gets easier, trust me. It is hard because it’s a programming language, but once it starts to click you’ll find it less scary than it seems. Just don’t skip to the answers of the questions, even if it feels like it’s impossible you’ll pass the lessons otherwise. It hinders your ability to understand Javascript.

But it won’t get easier to do Javascript if you decide you’re going to fail and hate it before you’ve even started. I get it, I get feeling daunted, but speaking really negatively of it and yourself isn’t going to help.

So, try the lessons, don’t give up before you’ve even taken the first step of the journey. There’s a lot of folks in the forum who can help you with it like they helped me.

Personally I went from hating Javascript to enjoying playing with it on Exercism when I’ve got the time. Like doing a sudoku puzzle to keep my brain active but more complicated. :smile:


I guess, but the fear of not knowing where I’ll end up is scary. I’ll just take it one step at a time and finish up that web dev course. I do really like the community though, I had an issue the other day and got it resolved, images in stackblitz weren’t working. Thank you. Also why do people consistently grind and ask questions, but then one day disappear and not return? I noticed that with a few other accounts I had replied to a few months ago.

It can be very scary, and frustrating as all heck, at times. But, as @Griff mentioned, it does get easier with practice.
I am, now, complementing my Free Code Camp studies with tutorials and learning with quizzes through the following.

I do not remember who suggested it in the community. But, I do thank them regularly (though they never hear it).

Maybe, if you haven’t already checked it out, you may wish to check it out, too.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

It could be a wide range of reasons. Life got in the way, they lost interest, they moved to a different platform to learn, they dont have a lot of time to put into his, etc. Theres no real one answer why, and you will notice that for people who answer the questions as well. You may see the same users answer a lot of questions because they have more time to put into this, and then some you may see a few times, and wont see again for a month or two. Its just how things go around here.

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HI @bye !

most people learning how to code for the first time struggling with programming basics. So you are not alone in this. The key is to keep going and take it day by day.

Yes, it’s true that JavaScript does have its complicated aspects about it but that is true about any programming language.

Also, HTML and CSS can be easier to initially learn the basics but there are definitely more complex aspects once you start working with production level codebases.

The key with all of these languages is to practice a little bit at a time until the concepts make sense.

As was mentioned earlier, there are variety of reasons for this.
One of the reasons is that for most people freeCodeCamp is just a season for them.
They learn for a little bit and then move on.
It is not just with freeCodeCamp. The same can be said with CS50 community, odin project, various programming reddits, etc.

Even though it seems like a lot of people will come and go, there are still plenty of people that do end up sticking around.
I joined the forum back in 2020 and have been active ever since.

Hope that helps! :+1:

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How do you feel about math, like, algebra? Also, how do you feel about puzzle solving, as in, the actual puzzles in a box of 500 pieces or however big they are? I personally feel like coding is a digital mix of both of those activities. if you are good at either of them, you will eventually start to understand the patterns of coding.

Interestingly, the more you learn coding, the easier future learning becomes. I remember my very first coding experience ever was java. Not knowing any better, I assumed most coding had chunky syntax like java. I pushed my way through the class even though I wasn’t sure what to do with such knowledge. Now much later, when I’m learning javascript, I find myself going “oh, yeah. I remember learning this before.” So it does get easier with time. Even with CSS, there’s certain things in javascript I remember thinking “oh, this reminds me of writing CSS.”
Long story short, Javascript might be intimidating because there’s a lot to learn, but the more you learn, the faster you’ll absorb future learning. That’s been my experience anyway

EDIT: I might also add that besides web dev, there’s also UI/UX design. It seems to be a little less coding intensive, but leans more into the artistic and practical designing of web pages and apps. Maybe something to check out?

About math, I never took a year of math in HighSchool. Covid messed me up, but regardless I’m working on Geometry and slowly rebuilding myself up on Khan Academy. I finished Algebra 1 a while back. Yes, I do like solving 500 pieces, but with 3,000 maybe. I tried making a 3,000 piece puzzle with my family months ago and everyone dipped from the project so I decided to as well since it was too much to do as one person. I don’t really enjoy UI/UX design, I want to be able to code and make it work by also making it look nice.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll definitely use later down the line. I have it bookmarked now. I just gotta finish the responsive web design course first.

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Yes, that did help. I’ll just keep going and take it day by day, thank you.


Congratulations on completing Responsive Web Designs. It is a great step in your growth to coding success. Don’t ever stop learning! I find freeCodeCamp to be the best of the best to learn and thrive in code. I would never give either it, nor W3Schools up, now! As I said, they complement each other.

May your coding journey take you to the greatest success to reach the goal you have set for yourself!

Happy coding!:slight_smile:

? I haven’t completed it yet, that is what I’m currently working on.

Sorry! I misread it.

You will be fine, as long as your remember, every success, no matter how big or small, is a step closer to where you want to be with your coding journey.

And there is a great community here to offer you support on that journey! :slight_smile:

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Hello, this is Gulshan Negi
Well, I am also a software developer and nothing is too hard to learn if you are dedicated and passionate about learning anything. Well, if we talk about learning JS then there are also some process and steps that you can take to learn it effectively which are listed below.

  1. Focus on basics.
  2. Practice, Practice and Practice.
  3. Patience, Dedication and Focus.
  4. Seeking supports from seniors, online / offline courses, programming communities and books.

Every drop in the ocean counts Congratulations for making little effort in the coding.Try and act in concert with developers