I can build websites in HTML/CSS but still feel like I am slow to figure out problems

Anyone else at a similar stage?

I can build out websites and nice looking pages but I still get frustrated and sometimes don’t know where my mistake is.

Does this go away or is this the life of a programmer?

Will I have someone looking over my shoulder critiquing me when I get a full time job web dev job or will I have time to figure out my own answers?

I feel like I make silly mistakes that I should know the answer to most of the time. Its frustrating. I also feel like I am over coding big time. Will this all just come with time?

It takes me about 10-12 hours to build out a nice landing fully responsive webpage.

Starting to learn Javascript and I actually like that better, I like the real programming better it seems. Don’t know if that means I’ll jump to back end after I get a front end job.

No problem, you will see your improvements days by days.
I started last year with html/css landing pages and in those days i was struggling hours and hours on simple paginations/display problems. Now all come smoothly and i can focus on js. As everything in life, you have to continue exercise on it. Sometimes you need a 5 minutes break and you will easily find your problem. Problems and walls are constants bonded to life, every job/task will come with some problem->struggling->time. But remember, that time is not lost, every problem/wall you will overtake -> less time for a similar problem next time. Hope to have helped a bit.


Thanks for this. I’ll just keep grinding away. Will keep improving each and every day


Hi friend, although i am new to programming myself. I have just started to learn html and css when the lockdown started, it was a great way of reflecting on things i can learn and develop. I too of course land in so many confusions and get overwhelmed with how much i have to learn and if i will be able to recall everything that i need to at once, but i guess that is a part of it, i have done things of similar difficulty levels, so i can relate to these feelings you are getting and that i still get myself. My suggestion will be to just stick to what you are doing and remember the phrase ‘’ Live and learn ‘’. i don’t know if this helps but if it does then CHEERS!!

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Thanks for this, i appreciate this post!