Feel like giving up

Hello , I just need a little help maybe some guidance, I feel like giving up at the moment.
Everytime I feel like im getting somewhere it starts to go wrong again.
I know the basics of html and css but when it comes to getting everything to lay out properly it just falls apart.
I feel like my coding is messy and jumbled up and I just confuse myself.

Even though im finding it hard and frustrating sometimes, I enjoy coding.

Hey there. Cheer up :slight_smile:
It happens to me too. My strategy though is to move to something else so I can divert from tunnel vision , learn something small but new, and then revisit.
Ex: you know html and css…. Head to JavaScript and start learning the basics of that. During that process you will be making projects that will require your html and css and therefore it means more practice, but collateral. Your brain will be more focused on the JS aspect and next thing you know your html and css will improve. Once you learn a bit of something new, remember to revisit some concepts from previous topics you were not feeling 100.

So in summary my tactic is two steps forward, one step back. Perhaps it’s not the quickest but it definitely sets a good foundation for me.

:). Keep coding

HI @sewardstonee4 !

Unfortunately, that is the nature of programming.
You will have times where everything is working and then it starts to not work anymore.

But struggle can be a good thing.
That is how we learn and grow.

It feels good when you finally tackle a problem and learn from it. :grinning:

That happens to all of us when we first start out.
The key is to keep practicing and learning.
Over time, your code will become more refined and you will learn about how to refactor your code so it is cleaner.

My advice is to keep learning and coding.
Just take is one day at a time and realize that we all face the same issues when it comes to programming :grinning:

Im not an expert on this but I’ll try :smiley:

Different people have different learning capacities, its perfectly normal to struggle with something new. But in the end you can always succeed with that little bit of extra effort . Maybe you are the type who likes to read and learn or maybe the type who likes to watch and learn or maybe even get a guided tutorial with someone who knows about stuff.
Coding is like learning a new language ! You might notice people who just started learning a new language, they might make occassional mistakes in grammar, wrong use of words, jumbled sentences, broken words, stammering ,etc (I know since I had to learn French).
The same applies to coding. You just learnt a new language. You might know the theory but when you apply it in the wild, you might not have a great experience.
Thats why everyone says “build, build, build stuff, thats how you learn” !

Now to get on to the main part, html is messy. Very messy. Especially if you are writing a website only on html and css. But that’s why stuff like Javascript and A LOT of libraries exist for this very purpose- to prettify your code and make it better along with providing you with a lot of cool features. Right now they might seem like something very hard and too much to handle , like climbing a huge mountain at one go. I felt like that but when I got there it was a really good experience, trust me.

This is actually a good sign and very common. A lot of people get frustrated when they code, whether it be making complex algorithms or maybe just a simple html website. Even professionals might face a wall in front of them from time to time.
So its actually fine if you get annoyed with whats happening .

But DONT GIVE UP. It actually means your admitting defeat . I might seem rude but in the past , i’ve also been through similar experiences(not coding but irl) and later I regretted thinking “I could have done better”.
Once the concepts of coding “click”, you will start enjoying to code even more than before. So I’ll end this by giving an interesting quote.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ― Nelson Mandela.

There is some great advice here already.

I would just reiterate that what you are feeling is completely normal. This is hard stuff and it takes a while to learn. And even then, it’s still often hard. And that’s a good thing - that means good paying jobs.

If you look back through the forum, you will find a lot of people having the same feelings.

I feel you. I’m in the grinding phase, too (JS for me). When doing the Basic JS course, I was able to complete the last exercise (Recursion) and thought that I was doing well—i.e. I know what I am doing—but I find myself getting stumped and stumped and stumped as I move forward. If you cannot figure something out, it’s okay to leave it to the side and come back to it latter with more knowledge and practice under your belt. My biggest motivator is the feeling I’ll have once I’m out of the woods: I want that feeling!

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Just chiming in here about the “messy” feeling. It will get better the longer you do it. And when you’re actually doing coding as a project and are using things like VSCode, they either come with or have extensions that you can download to make your code “cleaner”. So just keep at it!

You got this!!!

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