Do you guys feel this way when you are coding?

I am a new comer. Started my journey at freecodecamp at last year October.
I finished my portfolio a few months ago, now perfecting it, trying to make it more responsive and at the same time eliminate some of the bad code I written.

I felt that I spend more time on thinking “how do I solve A” or “how do I do B” than actual coding…
I spend more time on researching through online articles and books I bought than actual coding…
80% of the time I was scratching my head thinking :“why A does not work??? Do I need to change EVERYTHING??? OMG I SUCK…” then a minute later someone pointed out that I should have use nav a instead of a. That one specificity error makes the whole page messed up…

Is this because I am a newbie?? How many of you guys felt the same way???

One thing for sure is that I know I am improving. That’s for sure. So. That is something keeps me going everyday.


I think this happens with most New learners of coding. Sometimes I realize that I am spending more time on reading articles, books and watching tutorials than actually brushing up on my skills. But I have improved a lot, the process is slower though.


Yeah… I know right… :persevere:

Haha, me too! You are definitely not alone in this :wink:

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GOOD!! HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH!!! :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

lul . jk.
try not to cry, cry a lot.

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Actually I thought that’s what coding was about :grin: you’re no alone!


Haha. I think you are right!!! Never thought it that way!

If you spend more time thinking of a solution than implementing it, congratulations, you’re moving forward with your career.


Haha . thanks!!! It’s just that sometimes I tried a lot of things, but failed… LUL.
None of them works… :no_mouth: But I will keep trying though!!!

Or when you’re desperately trying to change your css, you refresh you save, you refresh again, nothing. You think it’s another logical thing you’ve failed at when you realise you weren’t “watching” your scss to css.

What you mean I’m not watching my scss to css?

In Sass you do sass --watch styles.scss:styles.css so your css file is automatically updated. So you write in Sass but your html is linked to your Css file as usual. Maybe my explanation is crap but it’s really easy to get started, and the Net Ninja has a playlist on Sass.

Or you use a tool like prepros :slight_smile:

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I am not sure whether I am good enough to use Sass. I knew it, but a lot of people said one has to be really good at CSS and knows everything about it then he or she can step into the world of Sass LOL. I think I can wait for a while .

Oh…then I’ve probably jumped the gun, but I actually enjoying using sass ,(in a very basic way)

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Once I am confident I will give it a try!!!

I might be wrong… But is your name: teemo the ap?

A very very buggy app!

You’re definitely not alone. You have to train yourself to become very detail oriented when you’re a programmer and practice a lot. Eventually, at least for me, I started to make less mistakes and train my eye to see typos a little faster, but it always happens.