Frustrations/Lacking Confidence while learning Web Development

Hi all,

Thought I’d post here since I don’t really know where it belongs. I’ve been coding for a little over a year now, trying to understand the basics of HTML CS S and javascript. My ambitions are to be a full stack developer and learn some new languages and master my skills with JS with Node and Express. I’m using FCC to brush up on JS and I am taking a Udemy course with Colt Steele to learn more back-end features of web development. On the FCC side, I’m studying functional programming and on Udemy side I am looking through basics with node. Almost every challenge on both ends I have either stopped out of frustration for a while, or push myself to try and get through the exercise which leaves me in tears or having so much anxiety that I’m never going to learn the curriculum or the concepts on my own freely without the course content. I spend hours and hours understanding how to solve these problems. Sometimes I end up just looking at the answer after being so frustrated that I haven’t figured it out on my own. I’m 24, started programming seriously 2 months ago to get a job. I feel really stupid, that the concepts are not coming a little easier to me, and this has been really weighing heavily on my confidence to get a job as a developer.

I enjoy the feeling I get when I figure the concept out but when I don’t I feel so stuck and angry! I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m so over feeling so frustrated but I know I gotta break my brain a little to start understanding better and on my own… Does anybody have any advice to work through this frustration and gain some confidence???


As someone who was in your shoes long time ago, I just kept trying and kept trying and kept learning from my mistakes. That is all that I can suggest to you.

Good luck with everything.

Listen to me and please believe me: This. Is. Hard.

It’s a struggle because this is hard. It’s hard to do and harder to learn to do. Sometimes it takes hours. Sometimes it takes days. Sometimes you have to go out into the sunshine and fantasize about running away to do something easy.

In terms of advice, you have a really loving and supportive community here. Not only will we be happy to work through solving problems with you, but it can feel really good and strengthening to come in here and help a new coding baby take their first steps. Use us as your support system.


Thank you very much! Ive never been so frustrated as I was today. I didn’t hit my goal for the lessons I wanted to finish through and gave myself a migraine stressing so badly. But you’re right. it takes time.

Thank you for your support!

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Thank you very much for the advice! I’ll do my best!

See unless you are in my situation you don’t have to stress - learning all things at once is not easy and not the recommended way to learn.

Learn more about your brain.

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Hi there , you seem to be in the same situation as me somewhat.

I am 24 too and have programmed about 6 months now, but i feel i have not much progress. Ive done java , c++ c# and recently javascript because i want to focus on web dev. For months i couldn’t figure out what i want to do with programming. Till recently.

Its frustrating , u feel u can use Ur time better. But you have to understand each time u fall , gives an opportunity to learn something. Theres no clear track in being sucessful in programming. Like others has mention , programming is hard. Thats why take it as a learning experience. Everything u learn will not be for nothing.

From the way u write , it seems to me that u are tackling too many things at once. Thats why ur panicky. Its best to learn things 1 thing at a time and have a goal each day. Big goals comes with small goals, and with each small goal will meet your big goal.

I wish you success

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Technically to remember whatever you learn , you have to code code and code. Try reading blogs from a developers, you will get an idea about their daily rituals, some of them meditate to balance the stress and anxiety.
Hope this will help you.:slight_smile:
Happy coding!

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You’re young, just relax and take a deep breath, i’m 34 now and like you i am learning my way into full-stack web development, although i previously work as web designer and did some front-end development with bootstrap and jquery, i don’t consider my self as a master cause like everybody else who isn’t gifted and smart enough with logic and design i too struggled but don’t give up yet cause frustrations when things aren’t going your way are part of being a developer.

Take a short frequent break like coffee or exercise and clear your mind then go back at it. You need to be at peace with your mind, the most important thing with node js,express and Javascript in general is too remember that everything is an object, the best way to learn is to master javascript from scratch, take down some notes physically like write it in a notebook especially the string and arrow functions like reduce and map cause you’re going to need them more often. or download some programming app with terminal on your phone so you can practice coding while being away from your study/working place.

Right now regarding javascript my learning resources aside from FCC are, and both w3schools and developer.mozilla is good cause you’re learning from basic to advance… Like you, i too bought 3 courses on regarding with MEAN STACK, and haven’t finished them either… Javascript is fun if you start early in the morning and have a coffee, you need to have a clear/peace of mind, change your environment where you can focus without distractions.


Thats a good point. Maybe I am taking too much on… one step at a time. Im thinking a lot about how I should take a break from FCC and finish the Udemy class.

Thank you very much for your advice. I always write my notes down instead of typing them. Despite how time consuming writing down my notes, I feel it helps me break down and understand the concepts better.

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Hello Sidney :slight_smile:

I began coding about the same time as you , i am yet still not even confident enough to move on towards JS i still find out new things everyday. I guess the more you go on the bigger the perspective gained…coding is a huge entity to adhere to so trust me you are not alone i wish us all good luck!!

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Hi Sidney,

I can relate to your frustration over not meeting a goal. I had that frustration myself until I decided to change my studying from goal-focused to process-focused . As in, instead of trying to meet a goal, focus on the process of studying. So rather than saying “I want to finish this section by the end of the night”, instead say “I want to study for one hour”. Then study for your one hour, and you’ll have met your goal.

The results will naturally come in time, but the frustration of missing an arbitrary goal will no longer be there. It is sometimes hard to guess how long something will take. So giving yourself a time for study rather than a goal may help.


Thanks a lot! I hope youre progressing well! Good luck with your studies! Nice profile pic!

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This isa great idea. I tend to focus myself on goals so I can learn. It take time to progress since I physically write down my notes but maybe thats the best way to study. Ive been using a pompodoro (sp) app to help me progress and thats worked well to a fault. For me 5mins breaks are to go to the bathroom and come back, or get a snack or to reflect on the content which doesnt always give my brain a break. I will try the process focus instead.

Pomodoro is perfect for process focused!! That’s how I keep myself in check.
“Ok, time for two pomodoros tonight”

I Appreciate your words and yes its coming along but theres no rush, you may be able to help me if you head to html/css thread im having trouble with something

You have a lot on your plate. – If you’re starting from scratch and learning JS and jumping at the same time using Node, Express and who knows what else… well, that is just A LOT. I think you’re just biting off a lot all at once. This will just result in frustration and doubt.

Breathe. Relax. and take it easy because this journey is hard… and takes years to master everything. You’re trying to cram all at once. Nope dont do that.

On some days, just concentrate on HTML and CSS. PRACTICE doing site layouts, clone a site and see if you can duplicate the layout/responsiveness using HTML and CSS. Practice a lot, Practice practice practice. When you can look at a website layout and you have a very good idea on how to approach it, and do it’s layout using only HTML and CSS, this will increase your confidence.

Now, add some Javascript to the mix… just UI/UX stuff… adding some interactivity, and some “wow” factor to your cloned sites. Combine JS and CSS animations/keyframing. At this point, you don’t need complex JS computer science algorithms to complete this task. But you need to be able to think logically, and be able to combine the different JS/jQuery functions to achieve the effect that you want and add some interactivity/UI/UX stuff. Again, practice practice practice.

Imagine you’re building sites for hypothetical clients or your future boss asked you to build some site. Or combine some of your other passion/hobbies to build a site that’s relevant to you… a Recipe site, Foodies, or a photo diary/photo collections of your family, or photos of your -------- collections. Practice making lots of sites, and make it fun.

And don’t just limit yourself to coding, learn how to use Photoshop or equivalent, play with some UI/UX software. play with some prototyping software. It’s not programming, but knowing how to use these tools to complement your HTML/CSS coding will be a big confidence booster. You’re designing a website and you want to include some X thing or Y design style to your site, pffft… fire up your software and do it. This will not be wasted skill.

Don’t just code… read about design too. Fonts, colors, good user interfaces, good website design principles – think of these as “soft skills”. I’ve read some FCC campers here got jobs because they have the aesthetics and the “design style”, artistic mojo. Got offered jobs even though they haven’t finished the frontend certificate.

Now, add some frontend JS library to what you already know and build upon your skills. React, Vue, Angular whatever… play with 3rd party libraries… Can you add Google maps, Google search, Datatables, Data visualization, graphing, to your websites? This extra knowledge adds to your frontend skills.

Once you’re comfortable and confident with frontend, (and this may take several months or a year, who knows), then slowly learn Backend… Nodejs, MongoDB… now, your frontend site can start talking to backend programs and it’s just a matter of replacing frontend content with data coming from the backend.

Take it step by step, and enjoy the learning process.

Good luck!