A month and a half in!


Hope I’m not the only one with this feeling. The feeling of running my fist through the computer on some of these Javascript exercises. I made it clumsily through the first 2 projects (Tribute and Portfolio). I just seem to blank out on Javascript. I feel really small during these challenges. Will this feeling ever go away? This is either super hard or I am super slow?? Just venting. Just venting. Need some motivation to keep going. Maybe it will sink in one day.

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Keep on pushing my friend, it only can get better.

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I am going to try, the worst feeling is reading a challenge and not knowing where to begin!

I’m not sure if you saw this post already, but it has a really good path for web development if you feel the FCC path often times leaves you in the dark with its challenges.


I am right there with you my friend! I just started my Javascript journey last night with NO javascript experience… it does get tough where I just want to through my laptop across the room but remember, practice makes perfect! So I believe that the more you code the better you’ll become

keep coding!


But seriously, 1.5 months ain’t jack. You gotta stop worrying about your learning rate or else you’ll find yourself running in quicksand, not really learning. Focus on acquiring knowledge and wisdom, one small step, and the occasional giant leap, at a time. Savor the process. It takes however long it takes. Okay, are you happy now?

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Hey thanks this guide is definitely going to help!

1.5 months ain’t jack!! So true so true, I need to buckle down and stop whining. Sometimes it seems like if you don’t blow through these challenges you are a failure. I just need to keep the proper perspective. Take it nice and slow and don’t give up, thanks.

Keep at it, one algorithm took me two weeks to solve.

It does get easier, but by then you start trying harder things - so you’re basically always struggling to some degree! That’s half the fun :slight_smile:

The more time you spend the better you will get … yet as you progress the challenges will get more complex.

Don’t get disheartened. Amazing looking websites you see online have all been built by developers who once wanted to drive their fist through the computer screen. The feeling of being lost and stuck means you are coming up against new problems and thus learning how to solve these new problems.

Don’t worry, it will come, little by little. This is hard material, it’s hard for everybody, and the only way to master it is to keep at it. Do that, and a few months from now you’ll look back and be surprised how far you’ve come.

Ah what a feeling… There some algorithms that took me a week or sometimes to two weeks to sort through… When I say to a week or two I am talking about spending 1-2 hours per day… It was so frustrating and I thought wow this is impossible and every time I checked the forum there was someone who posted their answer for the algorithm - I would have to tell myself “ok well its not impossible if individuals are figuring it out” -

The crazy things is that there are times when you feel like that you can not figure it out and you as if you are not learning anything but through all the trial and error you are always learning… Keep it moving because it just gets harder and that is the beauty of learning…

Glad to know I am not alone in feeling this way. Also I may not be a total failure, it’s comforting to hear you fellow campers thoughts. I think my approach was all wrong. I felt like I had to complete so many challenges. How beneficial are those challenges if you do not take the time to let them sink in and truly understand the concepts.

Definitely not the only one. JavaScript is very powerful but a beast to work with.

Hey! I’m about a few weeks in, and I definitely struggled through my portfolio and my tribute page. In the forum already mentioned, they list the You Don’t Know JS books.

Which are wonderful, and maybe I’m stupid, but this book was slightly going over my head a little.

Right now, I’m going through the Bucky Roberts tutorials on YouTube. You can also go to www.thenewboston.com and find tutorials on about anything computer science related. Bucky does some really good (IMO) tutorials from the ground up. I’m currently on the Javascript beginner tutorials, and although some of them ARE a little easy, I feel as though he’s showing you from the ground up. I plan on going back to the YDKJS books after I finish his stuff.

Best of luck! You’ll never stop learning in the field of computer programming! So don’t quit. :slight_smile:

Yea, I agree. The instant gratification monkey in me wants to get through the problems as fast as possible but, I have to learn one thing at a time. Just keep swimming!!! …?

Thanks for the suggestions, Javascript is a formidable opponent!

Just. Keep. Going!!

You’ll get better if you put in the time and keep reminding yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing.

As an example from my personal experience, it took me 8 hours to do that !@#$% tribute page! Now, a week later, it’d take 30-60 min, including some basic jQuery additions.

If you’re struggling with the algorithmic part, I suggest writing everything down on paper.

Put in the time, and you’ll definitely get it!!