Javascript depression

Hi guys, I´m a beginner in Javascript, I started the Javascript part of the course 4 weeks ago, I like it and enjoy it, however it´s been like a rollercoaster of feelings to me, lots of ups and downs in my mood, sometimes I feel very secure and sometimes I feel like I don´t learn anything. My code is very basic and too long however I solved all challenge by myself until yesterday when I can´t solve the “flatten array challenge”, it looks very easy and in 5 minutes I think that I need to use recursion to solve it, however I spent hours and can´t make the function works and give up. Off course I feel bad about it, and I wish to know if that´s common or simply it just me. Do you feel that way at some point?
Thank you in advance.
PS: Sorry my poor english, it´s not my main language.

You’ve been learning it for four weeks. If really clicks you might feel confident in about six months but more likely, if it’s your first language, it’ll take a few years to get to a point where you feel you’re pretty good. If you already know one or more programming languages well it’ll take less time, if you don’t, it probably won’t.

Worry about it, but only to the extent that you now know some things you would like to improve and you can focus on those things.

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4 weeks??!!!
I’ve geen trying to learn JS for at least 4 years!!! and still haven’t even completed the front end certificate. of course, it’s because i only do little bits at a time, but nevertheless, it will take a long time.

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Coding takes time to understand. Don’t fret yourself over it. If you’re stumped it is a good idea to take a break and walk it off. Also, there’s no harm to google for help. You’ll learn how to read other ppl’s work and you understand how that way works.
While you solved in ten lines of code, there will be others that solved with one line of code. That’s okay! Learning to code is not a sprint, but a marathon.


You are definitely not alone… there were some challenges that took me 3 or 4 days to solve. I’m pretty sure I cried over trying to solve a challenge at least once…cause dang some of them had me banging my head against the wall something fierce. lol There were times when I was so proud of myself for solving a challenge, only to look at the hints and see that what could have been solved in 5 lines, took me 60 lines of code.

But…I kept at it and didnt let it get me down because I didnt figure it out faster or write it more elegantly…just being able to solve it at all was enough for me to call it a win. By the time I completed all the challenges and got my certificate, JavaScript and I had a hate-hate relationship and I never, ever, everrr wanted to see or deal with it again. And I didnt touch it for about 4 or 5 months.

Then…something weird happened…I ended up going to a bootcamp where they primarily taught Ruby, but we also learned some JavaScript,and whene we got to that section, I felt like I was on a mini vacation, cause I was able to pick up on and solve things with no problem. I was so confused…I felt like I sucked at JavaScript, never wanted to deal with it again, but here it wasnt remotely the painful struggle I remembered while learning it. FCC challenges are called challenges for a reason, and they keep on getting harder, but its so easy to think only of how hard it is now, and not think of how far you’ve come since you started. That was my problem… I didn’t fully appreciate just how much I knew until I started from square one at my bootcamp and it was easy…too easy. Whaat? lol

And now…I really like JavaScript…never thought Id actually say it…but I do. Im a teaching assistant at my school now, and when students come to me for JavaScript help, I have no problems at all. Long way from less than a year ago when JavaScript made me cry :joy: So just keep at it, keep practicing, keep solving the challenges, you can always go back and make your solutions more elegant, but for now, just focus on solving them period and keep moving forward.


Javascript was super painful to learn. It took a few years for it to click for me. it’s not an easy language and was ignored for years as a throwaway language for a long time. It’s still pretty dirty in comparison to other languages, but when it clicks, it becomes fun.

I despaired for a long time and thought I’d never get it…then I did and wrote my first application. You’ll get there!


What was your first Application :wink:

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It was note app for the property insurance company I worked for. Notes had to have specific info in a certain order then print to the claims application. A user could tab through the form and fill in the notes quickly then hit print or copy and then send it to the claim they were working on. It would format the notes with the correct language and labels. It was all basic javascript, CSS and HTML (it had to run offline and be small so no libraries).

Sorry for my late answer, almost 1 month without internet :frowning:
Thanks to all of you to take a time to answer me. Your words and experiencies with JS help me a lot to be motivated. Thank you.

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Thank you for your words and for share your experience…
It´s hard when you are proud to solve the problem and 2 minutes later look a more simpler and short solution… jajaja.
Right now the more frustating is when I use i.e. “reduce” or “forEach” or something else, and 1 week later I don´t remenber exactly how it works and need to read about it.
I guess the key it´s the time and LOT of practices.
Thank you again.

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