Still finding Javascript hard. Feel like giving up

I am still really struggling with JavaScript. I just can’t seem to understand half of the terminology or even what the questions to the later part of the basic course mean. I do look online to understand but I still do not easily.

I can’t use exercism as the exercises are far too advanced.

I feel like I must be a really stupid person to still be finding this so hard after being given so much help and advise. I wonder if I should give up on coding if I am this incapable of basic JavaScript without constant hand holding by people in the forum.

I know I should go back to earlier lessons but I can’t make myself because I feel to embarrassed to be struggling like this. I feel if I re-do those lessons it confirms that I am too stupid for this. It is an uphill battle just to ask for help in the forums in the first place.

I often feel if I am less than perfect or do not find anything easy the first time I should give up.

I know that I am not stupid and I know asking for help or needing it isn’t shameful. I know finding everything easy first time is unrealistic. But that doesn’t stop how I feel especially when I am struggling on a lesson.

But I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to quit but it is becoming a great source of stress that I am struggling with Javascript.

Hmm, someone could give an in-depth advice. But all I can say is if you’re suffering, that means you’re learning something beyond. Literally, something you don’t know if you could really understand or do it. But you know what can defeat those doubts?

Perseverance, Consistensy, Inspiration, and so on. I can keep going, but ask yourself, why are you doing this in the first place? Did you start to give up?

I understand at some point it’s fine to give up on something that’s unrealistic. But no, nothing is unrealistic, if you keep on going.

I also often notice that you’re mentioning about what other people think.

Please don’t. I’m gonna say this frankly, they don’t matter. They don’t know you. They don’t know your capabilities, they don’t define your future.

Your decision making, your perseverance, your efforts, are what makes you who you are. You are the only one who knows yourself. Alright?

You got this, don’t give up.


Thanks that’s very helpful. I didn’t even realise I was bringing what others though (hypothetically I don’t even know what people might think) into this so much.

So I’m gonna try keep going. Thanks.


HI @Griff !

Lots of people struggle to learn javascript.
Just take a look at all of these other posts.

Does it mean that all of those other people were dumb?

Not at all.

This is your first programming language.
It will take some time to understand the concepts.

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about reviewing concepts.

Spaced repetition and review is an important part of knowing how to learn.

That is completely normal and we have all been there.
Remember that this is all new information.

Maybe trying other resources like videos will help.
freeCodeCamp released this beginner course which has been pretty popular.


This stuff is hard. It is totally normal to have difficulties. For perspective, university students learn course content over the course of 4-5 months with 2-3 live lectures and office hours. It takes time and it is hard to get it to click.

The first programming language is always the hardest.


I am really realising I beat myself up in ways I’d never do to anyone else about coding. Because I’d defiantly never call those people stupid, or anyone struggling with code.

Perhaps I’ll try going back and completing the lessons in more complex/efficient ways still pass? If I can — I know this sounds daft but it really is hard for me to do this. :sweat_smile:

I’ll try the video thanks!


Just try to take it day by day and it will slowly start to make sense :slight_smile:


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